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Children of Shanghai is now available in North America on iTunes, GooglePlay, VuduVimeo on Demand, Salem Now, Exploration Films, and Hoopla.

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Bear Grylls narrates this documentary feature about China’s first generation of foster children. Now working in technology, finance, tourism, arts and sports, these young professionals reveal how they moved on from life in orphanages to achieve success and, in a series of touching reunions, their foster parents recall their battles to help them overcome prejudice and serious developmental difficulties. Bear tells the extraordinary story of  Robert Glover, who, together with his wife Elizabeth and their six young children, moved from the UK to China in 1998, and founded the charity Care For Children. This was the first joint venture social welfare project between the British and Chinese governments and it has placed almost a million Chinese orphans with families. Filmed in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, with unprecedented access to all levels of Chinese society, this is a powerful and inspiring testament to the power of international cooperation and human compassion.  

  • Children of Shanghai
  • Children of Shanghai
  • Children of Shanghai

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